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The top 10 natural leadership skills that we all have; to inspire and be inspired by the next-gen.

Okay, folks, this is how I see peace. Haha. Every Sunday morning, I spend my time coaching under-8s and 7s children's football, despite the fact that I myself am hopeless at the game.

The lockdown was weighing down on me; I am a social animal who enjoys interacting with people and connecting with souls; nevertheless, due to the restrictions on movement and the onset of obesity, I was determined to find a way out and revert to a balanced healthy lifestyle.

I not only get to train but also have fun and play; I spend most of my time tying shoelaces, consoling children who fall over each other, and collecting the gear at the end. What is the point? Nothing. Lol.

  1. Life is a game, and the sooner you grasp this concept, the better.

  2. The objective is not to score, but to learn how to play as a team.

  3. Balance aggressiveness and peace; attack and defence are intimately connected.

  4. Persistence is necessary for success, but not an obsession; once they have determined to get something, children stay with it. Yet, let go if they do not feel it.

  5. When children are presented with an option, they think big. Increased optimism;

  6. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, the question is always why?

  7. Children do not make assumptions about their companions based on their religion or socioeconomic status. If you monitor them when they are engaged in any activity, you will see that they exert more effort while working in groups.

  8. Each day is a new canvass; forget it all.

From nothingness comes the first thought (point), which is everything.



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