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How we empower!


Optimising a business/person's ability to accomplish their work, regardless of their position within a market/an organisation.


Leveraging our network and marketing experience to assist company owners in establishing their voice and developing a viable brand. 

A Bit About TheCuriousMagician

Shashank entered the world of entrepreneurship at the age of 23, founding a network of young professionals based on an education-based marketing approach, a path he has continued to pursue ever since.

A Digital Transformation Coach working alongside local community members and businesses to achieve common aims deliberately to bring about an acknowledged and agreed-upon change that leads to an improvement in the quality of life. As a professional, he prioritises efficiency and theoretical thought. He has a desire to work with people, and in doing so, he is generally animated and affable. When the unexpected arises (which, of course, it always does), he remains calm and utilises his creativity and adaptability to discover an alternative solution.

“Knowledge is the key to understanding, understanding is the key to achieving, and achieving is the key to becoming.”

— Penelope V. Yorke

How does magic work?


After completing our basic form, a team member will contact you to organise a meeting to learn more about you and your business/idea. During the 40-minute meeting, you have the floor to discuss your concept and let your creativity run wild.

Then, we enter our mind palace and begin a transformational procedure to bring your ideas to life. A member of our team will email you a project brief including the timeframe, budget, and if any extra resources are required.

Once the flow of the overall concept/objective has been set and we have a clear idea of what is expected of us, we begin the development phase and do not stop until the goal has been attained; after all, it is about to go with the flow.


In this day and age, to not be discovered online is to not have a brand at all. To be found is the highest human desire, so be found.


Content is king and using the right keywords in a subtle way is the secret to an unbeatable Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Effective data visualisation can make the difference between success and failure when it comes to communicating findings.


Capture leads, convert them into customers and streamline your workflow with a complete CRM solution built right into your site.


Automations simplify work processes and save time on manual tasks with a few clicks. Such as auto-emails for cart recovery.


Free & informed consent. Silence, pre-ticked boxes, or inactivity cannot be used to imply permission & must consent to any processing.

Bringing ideas to life

Capturing one thought at a time...

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