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Alongside affordable and social housing, my top 3 priorities are:

1. Drug Education

Empowering our youth with the knowledge and resources to navigate life's challenges by investing in drug education programs and accessibility to emotional health services.

2. Migrant Integration

By understanding, respect, and collaboration among diverse communities, we can build a stronger, more cohesive society where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute.

3. Safety and Transport
Committed to resolving the issue of inadequate lighting in public parks, implementing CCTV systems to tackle burglaries, and improving public transport connectivity.

"Equipped with a diploma in Immigration and Asylum law, I'm cool-headed enough to address the refugee crisis with empathy and insight, explaining the differences between skilled workers, humanity and effective deportations."

About the Candidate

At the age of 12, I landed in Ireland on the magical Christmas Eve of 2006, embarking on a journey that would weave my fate into the dynamic fabric of our community. Proudly completing my Leaving Cert from Coolmine Community School, I then pursued higher education, achieving a Masters in International Business.

As a local Peace Commissioner appointed by the Minister of Justice, I've served our community for over 5 years with a fully automated appointment system. Additionally, I've been devoted to contributing to the development of our children as a Football Coach for Nurseries and Academy at the Tyrrelstown United Football Club.

Moreover, I've been instrumental in pioneering the abolishment of the Re-entry visa to Ireland. I have worked tirelessly with an amazing team to secure the right to work for spouses of Critical Skill Holders, now extended to General Employment Holders too. Notably, I've been one of the first strong voices to speak up against teenage crime in the Republic of Ireland post-COVID, advocating for safer communities and I have dropped approximately 5,000 drug information booklets to homes in the local area.


Now, at 30, I'm stepping up to represent our collective voice in the upcoming local elections; with your support, I'm ready to serve and represent the interests of our community to the Fingal County Council.

"While I appreciate the call for cannabis legalisation, investing in drug education programmes is paramount"

On a Mission to EMPOWER!

Drug Education
Migrant Integration
Safety and Transport
  • Collaborate with local schools, community centres, and youth organisations to develop and implement comprehensive drug education programs.

  • To encourage youth to seek emotional health services, provide confidentiality, non-judgmental support, and culturally sensitive approaches.

  • Allow peer educators to lead drug prevention, mental health, and emotional well-being workshops, discussions, and events.

  • Facilitate open discussions on topics such as cultural diversity, common values, and the challenges faced by migrants and host communities.

  • Provide opportunities for residents to participate in cultural exchange programs, language classes, and intercultural workshops.

  • Encourage partnerships between local businesses and migrant associations to support entrepreneurship and create economic opportunities.

  • Advocate for funding and resources from local government bodies to install adequate lighting in identified areas, addressing safety concerns and promoting nighttime use of public spaces.

  • Work with law enforcement agencies and Fingal County Council to plan the installation of CCTV cameras in strategic locations, prioritising areas with a history of crime.

  • Promote bus route expansion and increased frequency to better serve residents. Create safe cycle lanes and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure to promote active transportation and environmental sustainability.

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Please Vote #1 on June 7th

"The ability to dream is a blessing." - @thecuriousmagician

Please note that I, Shashank Chakerwarti, am an independent candidate running in the 2024 June Local Elections in the Blanchardstown Mulhuddart Local Electoral Area. All views expressed on this platform are solely my own and do not necessarily represent the views of any political party or organisation. While efforts are made to ensure accuracy, this digital space operates independently from official election authorities, and the information provided may not always be up-to-date or error-free. Thank you for your understanding and support as I strive to serve the community.

Shashank Chakerwart, Peace Commissioner
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