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Shashank R. Chakerwarti is an ambitious, fast-paced, and forward-thinking individual. He focuses on value addition and leverages his network to improve and maximise opportunities for businesses and individuals. He is a firm believer and enactor of creative straight-shooting strategies, driven to achieve results, and cares about how his work and work ethic positively impact the world and those around him.

He has a vision that extends far into the future, and he expects others to share his enthusiasm for the overall concept or goal. With preferences in Analytical and Conceptual thought, he can be stubborn, as he probably is not afraid to ask tough questions, even if doing so puts others on the spot. More importantly, he forges strong alliances and excels at team building and mentoring.

Digital Transformation

Empowering business professionals and entrepreneurs to overcome the anxiety of digital transformations by enlightening the path with common goals, shared values, and collective growth. Key skills: Web Development, eMarketing, Automations, and Storytelling with Data.


Immigration Discussions

Shashank holds a professional diploma in Immigration and Asylum Law, is on a mission to provide migrants with the knowledge and resources they need to make effective self-representation.


Influencing the Future

To better deal with the many uncertainties, we must scale and extend our vision towards empathetic and innovative leadership approaches to improve our experience of humanity.

Work with us
Know your Digital Rights (EU G.D.P.R.)
Know your Digital Rights (EU G.D.P.R.)
Feb 12, 2022, 12:00 PM – 12:40 PM
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Endeavour • Empower • Evolve

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