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Register to Vote: A democratic nation is a nation of participants.

As the Indian diaspora celebrated 70 years of the Indian constitution on 26th January at India house, I launched my first campaign of 2019 raising awareness around the importance of registering to vote.

Indian diaspora at India house

Local, Europe and Referendums!

I cannot express how important it is to register to vote, as May 2019 witnesses local elections, European elections and two referendums on Article 41.3.2 of the Constitution banned divorce and Article 12.2.2 Giving Irish Citizens living abroad a vote in presidential elections.

Image source: Irish Examiner

Who can vote in elections and referenda?

The type of election you can vote in depends on your citizenship. The following people are eligible to vote:

*If you are an EU citizen, other than an Irish or British citizen, and you were not registered to vote in previous European elections in Ireland, you must also complete a declaration, Form EP1, to guard against double voting in the election. The local council will register you to vote in your local constituency and send the information in your declaration to your home EU Member State. You can also get the form from your local authority.

Ambassador of India to Ireland, Sandeep Kumar interacts with the Indian diaspora and highlights the work achieved by the community, women's engagement and importance of young leaders.
Amb. of Ind to Irl, Sandeep Kumar (Image source: Virsa, Punjabi magazine in Ireland)

You can apply at any time. However, you can only be included in the supplement used at an election or referendum if your local authority receives your application at least 15 days before polling day. Sundays, public holidays and Good Friday are not counted as days for this purpose.

To be eligible to be included in the Register of Electors, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old on the day the Register comes into force (15 February)

  • Have been ordinarily resident in the State on 1 September in the year preceding the coming into force of the Register.

Registering to vote is key for successful integration. Your voice matters, your opinion matters, you matter.


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