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I am the thought of my imagination. #FutureInTech: 7 critical nuggets of wisdom.

"Aham Brahman Asmi" is an ancient Sanskrit term from the Upanishad, translating as per my understanding; I am the seed (the intangible thought) of my reality (tangible experiences).

After graduating with a Master's degree in International Business at a period when there was no international business, i.e. 2020 during a global lockdown, was a significant uh-oh moment with little incentives.

I heard about #FutureInTech on the radio and immediately submitted an application, met all admission standards, and still pleaded with the administration for a chance.

Today, as victors, I am eternally grateful to Future In Tech, Professor Rogers at Cenit College, Best Mentor - Nick Penston, and my team members for assisting me in better comprehending the subject matter and making sense of my uncertain entrepreneurial lifestyle - Hakuna Matata, have no anxieties. As I write this blog, I'm listening to this song.

However, before we head out to celebrate, I'd want to share 7 critical nuggets of wisdom that our mentor imparted with us during our most recent Tuesday morning team meeting.

Nick Penston, is a passionate technology leader with over 21+ years of hands-on leadership, development and architecture experience in large and medium-sized enterprises.

He is currently leading Fidelity's global Cloud Engineering team of over 150 engineers. He is responsible for the evolution and enablement of industry-leading cloud engineering delivery capabilities in addition to growing exceptional cloud talent to enable next-generation digital services.

  1. To scale something, start small with any change and provide a proof of concept.

  2. Find people who think like you, then push for success.

  3. Don't fear resistance, as sometimes vulnerability gives you a competitive advantage.

  4. A good culture is what people think about you. Hence, measure it with the impact of change and follow your passion. All or nothing.

  5. When you talk upwards, you are always in power.

  6. Do simple things for others. It may mean nothing to you, but the world to them.

  7. Become, I want to work for this guy.

Thank you for allowing me to share my experience with you, dear reader.

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