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How immigration will look so different in 2021 compared to 2019 with Column Cronin.


  • "Last year we had about a 106,000 people register at the Burgh Quay office", " So this is an enormously welcome, um, development, which is going to allow a huge number of people to renew online."

  • "So kudos to all of the people involved in making this happen, both in terms of the policy decision and those people on the ground who are physically implementing the changes and are going to be processing these applications."

  • "So really, I mean, the big, the most important thing that people realise that the takeaway is, if you live in Dublin, you will now renew your permission, no matter what your stamp you renew your permission on online. You don't need to make an appointment to go to the BurghQuay office."

  • "I think Ireland can really deservedly give itself a pat on the back for its response, generally, and in terms of the immigration response, but INIS has said that a semester out of the country will not massively will not adversely impact on your ability to move on to the third level graduate program. But if you spend more than that out of the country, then there could be issues."

  • "If you have an IRP card, you shouldn't be spending more than 90 days at a time out of the country. And they're willing to, you know, they understand that pandemic, different situation."

  • "So if you let your permission expire, and then you don't come back, then you could be coming back on tourist permission. And that's going to be a real issue if you're looking to move from tourist permission to the third level graduate program."

  • "The Indian government have said and we don't have the full details here, but there is a recognition that students have paid fees that international education Is is essential travel."

  • "So my advice to anyone who is seeking to make a visa application to the Irish embassy in India, it would be to ensure that you do use the VFS verify and check service because that is what these officials are saying you should do."

PPT. on how to renew your visa online (Example of Stamp 1G given)

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  • "You make sure that the medical insurance that you have it covers you, I think that's really important and particularly in relation to students one of the pieces that I do think is you know, it's something to consider is that you have medical insurance to recover that covers repatriation."

  • "I think for undergrads, they probably got permission until the end of September. And for postgrads, it's December. So really, what you're looking to do is to ensure that you're giving yourself about two or three weeks before the date of expiry on your IRP card and that's going to be the date of expiry of your IRP that will dictate when you make the application."



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