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Graduating, want your loved ones to be by your side? Here's how to apply for an Irish Visit Visa.

Most colleges have their graduation ceremonies in October, hence this blog considering the amount of time it takes to process a visit visa; apply A.S.A.P.!

In this blog, I am speaking directly to you - the student. The applicant below refers to your loved one i.e. parent/s.


You've survived your four years of hustle or one year of intense Master's course or for some like me who eventually got/getting there, Lol. Life has just begun and you need the blessings of your loved ones to continue your journey.

I wish someone had told me this earlier, but here is crucial bit of advice to be successful.

“Before you act, listen. Before you react, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you criticize, wait. Before you quit, try.”– William Arthur Ward

How to apply for an Irish Visit Visa?

Please bear in mind that the visa is only valid for 90 days thus do not overstay the limit, else the applicant may run into some serious trouble with immigration authorities should he/she wishes to visit again in future.

Note: A visa allows the applicant to travel to Ireland only. It does not give him/her permission to enter the country or to stay here. An immigration officer at border control can refuse entry even if he/she have a visa.

Visit application is divided into three parts:

1. Online form

2. Payment

3. Submit passport with all supporting documents

Online Form

Applicant is required to keep the following details handy:

- Details of current and previous passports i.e. Passport number, date of expiry & issue.

- Details of any previous visa applications to Ireland

- Details of the individual the applicant wishes to visit in Ireland

- Detailed itinerary (MOST IMPORTANT BIT)

Upon completion, an application transaction number will be assigned, please note it down as it will be required to check progress. Currently visit visas are roughly taking 8 weeks, give or take, if all documents submitted are in order.

Print, sign and date the application summary sheet, along with the applicant's passport, supporting documents and visa application fee of €60 for single entry & €100 for multi (No refunds).

Document checklist:

1. Application Summary Sheet - signed and dated.

2. Cover letter

  • A cover letter is an important piece of information that is required to be attached with the application, it must clearly state intention to travel to Ireland, in this case would be graduation, dates planned to arrive & leave, brief information about you, the course you are pursuing/college and a commitment from the applicant that he/she will leave the state prior to the expiration of the visa, will not become a burden on the state's public services and obey the conditions of the visa in full.

3. Itinerary

  • What the applicant intends to do in Ireland is yet another vital bit that must be explained in detail, this includes your day-to-day activity and I mean it, like literally open up word, insert a two column table, dates in one and activity in the other, give as much information as possible.

  • Details of the applicant's accommodation must be submitted i.e. a hotel booking confirmation or if he/she is staying with you, then a confirmation letter from your landlord stating clearly that the applicant is allowed to stay at the residence during their time in Ireland (state dates).

  • Fortunately for Ireland, booking flight tickets in advance is not a requirement.

  • Invitation letter to your graduation ceremony on your college letterhead that the applicant will be attending.

4. Insurance

  • Applicant must have a valid travel & medical insurance prior to taking off from their home country else will not be allowed to enter Ireland, please submit with the application to be on the safe side and keep a copy of this handy, as may be required to present it to the immigration officer at the border (airport).

5. Proof of fee payment & Biometrics

  • The summary application sheet generated by the online application system will direct the applicant to the VFS website where he/she can pay his/hers visa fee (payment of the visa fee through the VFS website is only applicable to applicants applying in India).

  • The summary application sheet will also tell him/her whether you are required to attend a Visa Application Centre for the purpose of providing his/her Biometric information and /or submitting his/her documents. (Biometrics is only applicable to applicants applying in India).

6. Passport

  • Applicant must submit ORIGINAL CURRENT PASSPORT, be valid for at least 6 months after the date he/she plan to leave Ireland and have minimum 2 empty pages.

  • Photocopy of each page of all previous passports.

7. Travel to-and-from Ireland via a different country

  • This is a tad annoying, but my advice would be to travel via country that allows visa-free transit and attach a letter with the application explaining the same.

8. Photographs

  • 2 passport-sized colour photographs with applicant's name, signature and application number written on the back.

9. Finances

  • Here's another section where a lot of people face rejection, inadequate funds or submitting bank statement with no recent activity or a sudden surge in funds available.

  • Submit an up-to-date bank statements that: - Are original and on headed bank paper Note: Applicant may use a printed internet statement but it must be officially certified by the bank; uncertified internet statements are not accepted. - Show full name and address - Show the bank account number and account type, e.g. checking/current account, savings/deposit account - Show money paid in and out of the account over the last 6 months

  • If the applicant submits a bank statement from a savings/deposit account, it must include an original letter from the bank (on headed paper) that confirms the applicant can withdraw money from it.

  • Provide a written explanation of any large movements of money in or out of the account, if appropriate.

10. Evidence that the applicant will leave the state

  • Work reference: 3 most recent payslips, letter for employer on headed paper confirming dates of leave.

  • Family at home: submit marriage cert. where applicant's spouse is not travelling, or birth certs of other siblings not accompanying the applicant or other family obligations explained in a separate letter.

Submit your docs!

  • Place each person's application documents into separate envelopes

  • Write the name and Visa Application Transaction Number of each applicant on each envelope

  • Place each envelope into a larger envelope send it to the application office

"There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed." - Ray Goforth

Best wishes!



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