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GNIB queue is longer, an invisible one.

Any Non-EEA who wishes to pursue higher education in Ireland or work in Ireland must register themselves with the Garda Naturalisation and Immigration Bureau based at 13/14 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2. 

New systems - new problems, prior to the online appointment system, people had to show up before dawn and stand in long queues to get a ticket, those who didn't, waited outside in the hope that extra tickets be made available. 

The pain of waiting in the early hours of a cold morning has gone away, however, there is a new problem that is now prevalent and that is the lack of GNIB appointments, the new system allows you to book an appointment online using INIS's online website 10 weeks in advance. 

Book an appointment > show up at your chosen time > take care of your business, sounds feasible right? Afraid not!

Several of those trying to book report receiving a message saying there are simply no appointments available within that time period. Cancellations make more appointments available from time to time, but searchers must be on top of their game to snatch any appointment. 

Peaceful Assembly organised on Wednesday, 10th October from 10 am till 1 pm.

Post coming to my attention that bots were being used to pre-book online appointments and so-called entrepreneurs were taking advantage of an immigrant's misery, I couldn't help but to raise this issue publicly outside the INIS Office, 13/14 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2. 

An international student who is coming to Ireland, a new country/continent is already in a state of paranoia is subjected to our country's archaic laws and goes through the mental stress of not being able to find an appointment to register himself/herself with the authorities is completely unfair.

Second Peaceful assembly organised by Anti-Racism Ireland Network on 18th October 2018

Following continuous pressure from various organizations and Kranti giving the final blow on 5th December 2018 cajoled INIS to reconsider their online visa system and a new system is set to be introduced.

Well done to all involved!

29th July 2019: Result!



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