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This website is owned and operated by Shashank R. Chakerwarti, hereinafter referred to as "the consultant" and the disclaimer below outlines:

The consultant provides consultancy services to customers for employment permits, naturalisation and visa-related matters and deals with documentation checks and filling application forms only. The consultant is neither a solicitor nor does he provide any kind of legal advice/assistance or suggestions to his customers/users/visitors. The information presented on his website should be used for reference purposes only and not as a substitute for any legal advice.

The consultant does not provide legal advice, opinions or recommendations to his customers/users/visitors about their legal rights, legal remedies, legal defences, legal options or legal strategies.

No information published on this website, in e-mail messages, phone/video calls or in other correspondence sent by the consultant, other than professional immigration advice provided during a formal consultation or pursuant to a written retainer agreement, should be construed as legal advice, it is solely professional information provided in accordance with his Professional Diploma in Immigration and Asylum Law.  The consultant disclaims any and all liability resulting from reliance upon such information.

The consultant cannot give you absolute assurance or undertake any guarantee whatsoever involving the appropriateness, correctness, usefulness, adequacy, and performance of the information, data, and materials found on this website. Your usage of information or data given on the website is completely at your own risk. It is totally your liability to ascertain that the usage of information, data, and the news given on this website satisfies or caters to your own personal needs.

The consultant will not be held accountable for any outcome of your choosing to refer to this website and use the information. Website content, data, materials, and products are provided “as is” and are without any warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied. Neither the consultant nor his company/associates shall be held accountable for any loss or harm that may materialise from or in connection with the usage of the furnished information.

The consultant does not preserve any copyright ownership of various application forms/information published on this website. These application forms/information are available on the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service website or the Department of Justice website.

The consultant recommends that customers/users/visitors seek immigration advice from registered solicitors before acting upon the information contained in this website or in any correspondence to arrive at sensible and well-informed decisions on immigration matters. Visiting his website,  utilising its contained information or seeking professional information via text message on any platform, email, phone/video call or in-person conversation does not naturally lead to customer-consultant association with customers/users/visitors. The consultant's Terms and Conditions administer the relationship between the consultant and the customer/user/visitor through filling out and signing the retainer agreement prepared by the consultant.

The consultant does not warrant or claim that the information contained in this website is free from errors.

Lastly, the consultant is a Peace Commissioner (Feadhmannaigh Shíochána) appointed by the Minister for Justice on 26th July 2018, he does not accept any remuneration or financial compensation by way of fees or expenses for the following services:

  • Taking statutory declarations;

  • Witnessing signatures on documents required by various authorities;

  • Signing certificates and orders under various Acts;

  • and, others stated here.

Kindly know: Exercise of PC duties is by appointment only and booked via this page here


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