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Work permit delays answered by the Department, followed by Senator Neale Richmond raising it.

On 21st August, I wrote to Orlaigh Quinn, Secretary General at the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation, raising my concerns over the processing time of work permit applications. 

Afternoon of 2nd Oct my office received the following correspondence from DBEI.

"The employment permit system is crucial to this flow of talent. I can therefore assure you if the Department's determination to reduce the current delays in processing times." 

On October 11th, 10:30 am session, Honourable Senator Neale Richmond invited me alongside 4 guests I wished to bring, to sit in on the Seanad discussions on the painful work permit delays that is costing the state millions in taxes and lost opportunities to highly skilled Non-EU nationals.

I invited members of the Stamp 3 reform campaigners, Ankita Alhuwali, Kevin Kline, Yulia Ghumman and the man behind the educational reform that removed religion as an admission criterion from schools, Roopesh Panicker to sit in with me at this Senate session.

The delegation later had the privilege to meet the Honourable Minister of State for Trade, Employment, Business, EU Digital Single Market and Data Protection, Pat Breen and Honourable Senator Neale Richmond.  

Above delegation raised a few other points in private, where the Stamp 3 reform campaigners handed their policy document to the Minister. I also raised the issue on lack of awareness around Stamp 1G in the labour market and requested the Minister to consider if he would allow Stamp1G holders the right to finding startups, as many students are pursuing a Masters in Entrepreneurship in Ireland.

"I hope this is of assistance to many who are stuck in the system and remember, there is always light at the end of the tunnel."

Watch full video here.



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