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The Future

Artificial Design Intelligence

You tell the tech what your website will be about & how it will look. Then, it develops a basic framework that can be further customised using human creativity & frugality.

Augmented Reality
Privacy/Data Security (G.D.P.R.)

Came into force on May 25th, 2018 - aims to protect the fundamental right to privacy and the protection of the personal data of the European Union (EU).

Influencing Humanity

SC is inspired by the book "Homo sapiens rules the world because it is the only animal that can believe in things that exist purely in its own imagination, such as gods, states, money, and human rights." by @yuval_noah_harari

Graduating with a Master's degree in International Business at a period when there was no international business, i.e. 2020 during a global lockdown, was a significant uh-oh moment with little incentives. He heard about #FutureInTech on the radio and immediately submitted an application, met all admission standards, and still pleaded with the administration for a chance. After finishing his Cloud Computing course and receiving certifications in AWS and Microsoft Azure, his mind blossomed like a rainbow.

“To find meaning in a continuous stream of suffering is the holy nectar of life; the balance is peace.”

— TheCuriousMagician

How does magic work?


Tech. is crucial to the success of any business. If you want to retain a competitive advantage and remain relevant, you must make constant investments in tech. To stay up-to-date with technology, you must regularly evaluate your systems, processes, and enabling technologies.

Tech. drives innovation and access to cutting-edge tech. will empower employees and boost employee happiness. Employees at a forward-thinking, technologically savvy organisation use simple-to-implement solutions to function efficiently and productively in sync with the old.

Make your business more efficient by automating as much as possible, using tech. to replace repetitive operations, and accelerate any process that needs a considerable amount of time or effort. Automation may also free up your personnel to conduct other useful tasks.

Searching for the light

"The ability to dream is a blessing." - @thecuriousmagician

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